Dewatering Solutions

Whether you are preparing a construction site or excavating a new pipeline trench, dewatering is an essential part of the process. The presence of underground water is a major obstacle, adding various unnecessary risks, costs, and delays to the project.

Simply removing the visible groundwater is not always enough, however, as seepage can compromise the stability of the excavation slopes. To ensure that this does not happen, lowering the groundwater levels through pre-drainage is often necessary.

PUMP HIRE can supply and install all types of dewatering equipment; no matter what the application, we have a solution. Our company can also assist in managing the dewatering project from beginning to end.

Why should you choose us?

  • Equipment quality – We only use the best pumps available. Our customers benefit from renting high-performance, modern equipment.
  • Nationwide service – Regardless of where in New Zealand your site is located, we can provide the pumping system you require.
  • Complete expertise – Our team can handle all maintenance and servicing needs, keeping your pumping equipment operating at top condition.

A wellpoint dewatering system is the most versatile form of dewatering, capable of dealing with very low flows from silty sands to large flows from coarse sands and gravels.

The equipment consists of high impact plastic header pipes connected via a push-fit swing connector with control valves to the wellpoint. The disposable plastic wellpoints or wedgewire stainless steel well point screens are installed using an H80 jetting pump or Angus Fire Pump.

Our customers can count on us to supply and install the most appropriate pump for the job. Give us a call, and enquire about our dewatering services today.

Pump Hire can supply a complete well pointing system and has specialist well pointing pumps including low fuel consumption, piston pumps.